AJ Konon’s Portfolio



A drawing of King Squid, aka Sahbabii.

Pi’erre Bourne


A drawing of Pi’erre Bourne in his element (giant chucky doll behind him)

Playboi Carti


A 16” x 20” oil painting of Playboi Carti with a mini Chucky doll on his shoulder (Vlone logo and thunder behind him).



A 20” x 24” oil + acrylic painting of Rihanna blowing O’s.

Night Lovell


A 16” x 20” oil painting of Night Lovell in the wilderness with a vibrant red sky behind him.

Travis Scott


A 20” x 24” oil portrait of Travis Scott engulfed in black flames.

The Schoolyard Willowhouse


A 16” x 20” oil painting of a weeping willow treehouse on a school campus (school building in the background).

The Eternal River


A 16” x 20” oil painting of a river with a vibrant sky inside of 1/3 moving boxes.

River Float


A 16” x 20” acrylic painting of a boat sitting by a river with a waterfall.

Dark Knight


[Digital] A silhouette of a bat next to a lit up moon.

Kastle Muzik


[Digital] A castle painted with dancing brush strokes.

Palace Dreams


[Digital] A house I found interesting to look at in Palos Verdes (which is also the city I want to live one day).

The Grove


[Digital] A blurry painting of the Grove’s water fountain while it’s lit up at night.

Sky Dweller


[Digital] A rainy alleyway (back of a hotel in Santa Monica) with a colorful sky.

Fear of Needles


[Digital] A painting of the hallway inside what appears to be a haunted hospital.

Blue Hundred Bill


[Digital] A very messy, but somewhat accurate, depiction of what a hundred dollar bill looks like now.



Concept art of a lethal female android with mini turrets all over her body armor, a pistol, and a shotgun for a left hand.

Flaming Dagger


Concept art of a blazing knife on display.



Concept art of a sculpture / bust that I eventually turned into a series of NFTs called “Intoxain.”



An animation of Travis Scott inside an arcade shooting ‘real life’ zombies through one of the video games.